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Flags of the World


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A Complete Learning Package: Suitable for all, offering comprehensive coverage by teaching over 11 country-related concepts.


What’s Included: The package includes engaging activities: Continent Sorting for flag placement by continent, Flag Identification to enhance visual recognition, Country Name Completion for reading comprehension, and Capital Unscrambling to boost language and geography skills.


Suitable Age: Tailored for ages 6-12, yet beneficial for learners of all ages.


Benefits: This kit offers a wide variety of engaging activities to ensure diverse engagement, promotes cultural awareness by including aspects like language, nationality, and landmarks, and provides comprehensive learning by covering a broad range of country-related concepts.


How Do We Stand Apart: What sets us apart is our emphasis on hands-on, interactive, and engaging learning, our design that suits both solo and group play due to its age-appropriate nature, and our commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and knowledge through multifaceted learning.


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