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Solar System Kit


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A complete learning package: Solar System kit for kids can be an interesting topic, thanks to our unique approach at Creative Crazy Mom. Our Solar System kit makes learning about the planets fun, easy & interactive.


What’s Included: The perfect curation, our Solar System kit includes a spiral-bound reusable binder book (12 pages) along with 10 practice worksheets 6 fun fact & 1 Mission Mangal game sheets that teach your kids all about the Space.


Suitable Age: The ideal age to start learning from this book is 5 years & above. However, the appropriate age to use this book is whenever the child is ready!


Benefits: A great learning resource, is full of excellent hands-on learning activities. This interactive bundle will help kids effortlessly learn all about planets & space. Within a few practices, they will learn a lot about planets.


How do we stand apart : Designed as per every child’s requirements, this unique kit is the perfect choice for your child’s first Solar system book. From basic knowledge about the planets to interesting insights, this bundle has it all It gives your little ones a hands-on experience with practice worksheets, puzzles, crosswords, and more.


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